Live Sound: Easy Love

Live Sound

By : Thorn in R’side

9/2/16 - Easy Love @  Mission Tobacco Lounge

    This reformulation of the Summer Twins is a refreshing new take on the group’s sound, with the drummer of that group stepping into the front of the band writing songs, singing lead, and playing rhythm guitar. Even with the $10 cover for this night, MTL was full of people, and everyone came right up to the stage for this set to move and bob along with the songs.

    Easy Love throws out the same quality of tone and precision that Summer Twins brings, and while there is still definite 50’s and 60’s pop rock inspirations, this group has more of a garage rock feel and a more tripped out sound. None of the songs were particularly fast or hard, but retained a heavy and full quality the entire time, with each song building up into some dreamy and captivating moments that were laid across the crowd by the beautiful and high ranged vocal melodies.

    The entire set itself had a great arc throughout, holding the crowd in their hands and manipulating the energy in room, doing so with limited direct crowd interaction and instead letting their sound speak, really showing how much experience this group has being on the stage. None of the members in the group ever launch out into wild solos or instrumentation, and the songs themselves don’t have a lot of complexity in their structure, but they give their fans what they are looking for while writing solid and catching songs which is easy to tell they love themselves.

    Easy Love is definitely going to make it’s own distinct mark on the scene, and it is a refreshing new take on the sounds that these musicians have to offer. 


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