Live Wax: Sheer Mag

The Echo Plex Los Angeles, Ca

The eve of The FYF music festival, Friday August 26, 2016.

Sheer Mag at The Echo Plex in Los Angeles, Ca

By: Mik Elson

Philadelphia based punk group, Sheer Mag was recently added to the FYF (Fuck Yeah Fest) line-up this year (2016). FYF is an annual Los Angeles based music festival displaying an array of musical genres over a Short two day period. 

Luckily for those of us who could not afford a ticket to FYF, Sheer mag performed the evening prior with Los Angeles based music groups Girl Pool and Sex Stains. 

"When punk makes You dance"


Sheer Mags performance was lively, the crowd was pumped! Even if it was your first time hearing them, it most certainly wasn't going to be your last. Alongside their performance---their lyrics are just as infectious and filled with truth. Sheer Mags music is rowdy, yet filled with compassion. Punk that is so sweet you can taste it. One of their popular singles is "Fan the Flames" that a homie would describe as a 'punky Jackson 5 old school Thin Lizzy tune'. Once they began to play this song, the whole crowd shifted to get down; reciting lyrics "you've got to fan the flames! You've got to stand up and complain!" Sheer Mag makes it clear that they have something to say and they are definitely here to say.

To find out more about Sheer Mag be sure to check out their website and support the awesome music they're producing: